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How to Help Your Buyer Complete a Closing

How to Help Your Buyer Complete a Closing

As a realtor, there’s nothing more frustrating than helping a buyer find a home, only to have the process fall apart at closing. Time is money in the real estate business, and there’s nothing worse than losing both with a failed closing.

No matter where you work or what type of real estate you sell, there are a few things you can do to help your buyer close on their purchase transaction:

Keep Them Organized

From an organization perspective, buying a home is one of the most complicated things that a person ever has to do. A successful closing requires income and asset verification, a completed inspection, proof of insurance, and a lot of other documents along the way.

It’s a lot to keep track of, especially for families and busy professionals. As a realtor, you go through this process every day and can help keep your clients on track.

Little things like offering to make copies or creating a Dropbox folder to store mortgage-related documents on the cloud are not technically part of your job, but they go a long way toward ensuring that you’ll receive your paycheck at the end of a successful sale.

Raise Red Flags

As a realtor, you’ve probably seen it all when it comes to home closings. It’s your job to help your buyers see red flags when they arise and figure out how to address them.

For example, if you see something questionable on the home inspection report, make sure you let the buyer know so you can begin working with the seller on a solution. They might not know what to look for, especially if it’s their first time buying a home. You can provide guidance on which issues are worth pursuing and which are not.

The earlier you catch problems, the more likely it is that they’ll be addressed before closing. Being proactive also increases the likelihood that buyers will refer you to others in their network who are looking for a realtor.

by Author, March. 20, 2019

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