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Cash Out Refinance of a Single Family Home

Manhattan Beach, CA
Challenge: Retired Borrower with insufficient income
Solution: Used only rental agreement to document income. No Tax Returns required.

Purchase of a Primary SFR

Rolling Hills Estates, CA
Challenge: Borrower did not report sufficient income on their tax returns, had 30% down payment
Solution: Use only 12 months personal bank statements, No tax returns used, Rate of 4.125%, APR xxxx, Loan Amount: $1,050,000, 7/1 ARM.

Purchase of a Primary SFR, 80% LTV

Beverly Hills, CA
Challenge: Borrowers desired an interest only loan
Solution: 30 yr fixed, 0% points, Rate of 3.875% interest only payments for 10 years, APR xxxx

Purchase of a SFR, Owner Occupied

Inglewood, CA
Challenge: Borrower’s only income comes from rental properties whose income are reported on a family trust tax returns, the trust became dissolved after the death of the trustors, Borrower’s own 1040s report insufficient income
Solution: Conforming 30 yr fixed, Rate: 4.375%, 4.389% APR, 0% points, using only lease agreements from income properties to document sufficient income, no Trust Tax Returns used

Purchase of a Primary Single Family Home, Owner Occupied, 30% down payment

Palos Verdes, CA
Challenge: Borrower had recently sold his company but continued to work for the company at a reduced salary, income is insufficient to qualify for the loan.
Solution: Used income calculated from combination of salary and ‘Asset Depletion’ (i.e.creating ‘paper income’ from savings based on a specific formula). Rate: 4.051%, APR xxxx, 30 yr fixed, 0% points.

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